SHIPPING: Current turnaround time is 7 days from order to shipment. If you are approved for local pickup, shipping fees will be refunded. 

NOTE FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Please contact me directly before ordering via our contact form or at

In order to keep up with demand, there are no custom orders allowed. I will take into consideration gender/favorite color(s). Leave comment indicating color preferences and gender for each size if multiple masks/sizes are purchased.
CONTOURED MASKS: constructed with 2 or 3 layers of 100% cotton (your choice). If opting for a 3rd layer, it will be a pocket for wearer to insert a filtration device of their choosing.

PLEATED MASKS: Pleated and constructed with 2 layers of 100% cotton with small opening to insert filtration device of your choosing. Ear loops come with adjuster.

Masks DO NOT come with a filter.

PLEASE NOTE: These face masks are NOT MEDICAL DEVICES/PPE nor meant to replace PPE. It will not protect your from contracting the Coronavirus or any other communicable disease. They should be worn in the event that you need to go out for necessities and/or for medical professionals to help extend the life of your current PPE. Threads by K. Trimble assumes no liability for any health issues that arise during use of cloth masks.

RETURN POLICY: The Threads by K. Trimble standard return policy applies. No returns on custom made items. Please contact Threads directly if you have any issues related to your order and we will do our best to remedy or replace.

Face Masks

  • Upon receiving, masks should be washed in cold water and detergent then hung to dry. They will last longer with a hand wash and air dry or gentle cycle wash and air dry. Masks should be washed after every use to ensure any contaminants are removed.